Friday, February 5, 2010

Custom Made Gate

This gate is so beautiful...of course your neighbors are going to love you!

Exterior Doors

Matching Exterior Doors. Entrance to Front Garden and Entrance to Garage!

Gone to Pieces...Restored to Fabulous!

This piece came to me in pieces, rotted, eaten by termites, banged, and dropped. Mistreated and a mess...and now with my ingenuity it has been restored and beautiful.



Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Once Broken and now Fabulous!


A Few Tables and Chairs...more in next posting

Tables and chairs are as individual as the people who use them. Think of all the shapes and sizes of all the tables and chairs that you have seen. When we start to think about it... it is infinite and we spend time to find the perfect table or the perfect chairs for what suits our needs. I've made many tables and chairs all as unique as the people who choose them. Hand Carved, Steam Bend, Inlay, Distress and Antique finish are a few of the techniques used to create these one of a kind pieces!

Wood Taste

Mr. Guarderas is one to watch! An innovative furniture designer and sculpture.
Luxury, Innovation , Design Practice and Materials are a part of every creation. Innovative Style and Independent Design Concepts made with detailed care and in the USA!
Conservation Services are also available.
Waxing is important to maintaining the timeless beauty of your fine furnishings and antiques. Support the GREEN make it once and make it well!